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Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness

The Plan


I will drive from Cedar Rapids to Minneapolis on the evening of Thursday June 15th and spend the night with my freshman RA from college. The next day I will continue north to Duluth, MN and enjoy the pre-race activities of the 30th running of Grandma’s Marathon. On Saturday morning, I will actually run that race (my third marathon), hopefully dressed as Scooby-Doo, and spend most of the rest of the day mingling with other runners and generally having a good time. That night I will drive to entry point 54 of the BWCAW, only about five miles from the Canadian Border. The next morning I will enter the wilderness, following route #54-2 from Robert Beymer’s book Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Eastern Region. A week later on Saturday the 24th, I will emerge from the backcountry (after enjoying myself and having beautiful weather *crosses fingers*), drive towards the cities and camp at a park near them. Sunday morning I will attend church at ULC, after which I will return to Cedar Rapids, clean up, and be ready for work bright and early at 7:30 on Monday (and probably going to Masters Swimming at 5:30 before that).

The Trip

Manifest The trip’s supplies
Day 0Half of the drive
Day 1Exploring Duluth
Day 2Grandma’s Marathon
Day 3First day of paddling
Day 4Finding a rhythm
Day 5Hopping between small lakes
Day 6Long portages
Day 7Many portages
Day 8Along the Canadian border
Day 9Final day in the BWCAW
Day 10Driving Home