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Beartooth Wilderness Backpacking


For the past twenty years or something, University Lutheran Chapel has been taking an annual trip to backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Although not perfect, I enjoyed my last experience backpacking so I figured I would try to go even though I just attended over the summer. They were of course more than willing to let me tag along to share in their adventure. It also happened that the week in August they were going coincided with the end of my internship so I would not have to worry about my job interfering. Unfortunately, it also was the same week as Chapter Focus Week, but I figured that balancing a week spent at a general Protestant retreat for a week backpacking with a couple of Lutheran pastors would tip in favor of the latter.

The Plan

We planned on leaving after church on Sunday and spend two days driving to a trailhead in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. We would then hike to a spot called Bald Knob, spend three nights camping there, hike out, and finally head back Minnesota. We actually had a few other places planned to stop, but you can read about those in my account of the trip. Slight spoiler: Things actually went according to plan.

The Trip

Standard procedures for the trip. Wrote down quick notes during it and then elaborated on them later. Also standard disclaimer: I probably recorded way too much information, but if you are trying to fall asleep, it it probably a good read. Also, I am not the greatest author in the world, so the writing is not the best.

Background Information
Day 1: Traveling to North Dakota
Day 2: Traveling to Montana
Day 3: Backpacking into Camp
Day 4: Climb Mount Bald Knob
Day 5: Enjoying the Wilderness
Day 6: Hiking Out and Hot Springs
Day 7: Traveling back to North Dakota
Day 8: Traveling back to Minnesota