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Background Information

This page just gives a little miscellaneous background information before I start describing the trip itself. I had only gone backpacking once before, and that time I had to borrow most of my equipment. Since I really enjoyed that trip and hoped to go backpacking more after this Montana trip, I decided to purchase some backpacking supplies. I bought a JanSport backpack from Midwest Mountaineering and a nice two person tent from Gander Mountain. Both were on sale for pretty cheap prices. They seemed like a decent comprise on price vs. quality for a person who hoped to go backpacking again, but probably not a whole lot.

Also, before ULC would let me go on the trip, I had to fill out this huge legal form saying that I would not hold them responsible or sue if something happened to me during the trip. They wanted all this insurance information and medical history, a lot of which I did not know off hand, so I just left most of it blank anyway. Of course, the ULC people blamed the synod or something for this horribly complex form. It is a good thing to know that we trust each other and follow Biblical principles.

Enough of the talking though…on to the trip!