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New Zealand Extended Holiday

I live in a van, down by the river!

After successfully hiking the entire CDT, the next leg of my world journey was a return trip to New Zealand. I took my time and fully explored what this country had to offer, while driving around in a van solving mysteries.


If you just want to look at too many pictures, and not peruse my sleep-inducing stories, take a gander at my entire New Zealand photo gallery.


Most of my time was spent tramping in New Zealand’s backcountry, but I also got on the water, did sightseeing, and other horribly touristy things. When in the bush I mainly visited National Parks and stayed on marked tracks while there. Some great tramping is available in other areas and off the signposted path, but with walking solo and little local knowledge of the unmarked routes, sticking to only the mildly extreme backcountry seemed best.

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