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Grand Canyon

April 2014
Me at the Welcome to Grand Canyon National Park sign

On my way to the start of the Pacific Crest Trail, I stopped at the Grand Canyon for a warm-up hike backpacking through its bottom. I took the Escalante Route and Tonto Trail from Desert View to Grand Canyon Village — about sixty miles inside the magnificent canyon. I wanted to go all the way through to Hermit’s Rest, but I applied for my permit too late and those campsites were already full.


View all the pretty pictures from my Grand Canyon trip.


April 2014

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  • [Resurrection]

    Celebrate Easter

    Fly to Phoenix late

  • Bus Phoenix to Grand Canyon

    Camp Grand Canyon Village

    • Hike Escalante Route/Tonto Trail

    Desert View bus tour

    Hike Tanner Trail down into canyon, camp at Tanner Beach

  • Camp at Hance Rapids
  • Camp at Boulder Creek [Icon of a hiker]
  • Climb Bright Angel Trail out of canyon

    Camp Grand Canyon Village

  • Explore Grand Canyon Village and Rim Trail

    Bus to Flagstaff

    Train to Los Angeles