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Ten Thousand Islands Sea Kayaking

Welcome to Everglades National Park

Over my company’s long break between Christmas and New Year’s, I will once again escape the harshness of an Iowa winter, but this time I will remain in the country while sea kayaking around Ten Thousand Islands near Everglades City, FL.

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December 2011

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  • [Airplane icon]

    6:10 p.m. Fly to Orlando

  • [Lego Icon]

    Visit Legoland

    Drive to Everglades


    Launch from Everglades City Visitor Center

    Camp at The Watson Place

    • Kayak around Ten Thousand Islands
    Camp at Lostmans Five Bay
  • Camp at Hog Key
  • Camp at Pavilion Key [kayak icon]
  • Camp at Tiger Key
  • Paddle out

    Drive to Orlando

    Fly to Chicago, 6:00 p.m.