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Wanderlust World Tour
World Map

Working is no fun, so why not take a sabbatical and travel the world for a few years?

Mountain Clip Art

Exploring the great outdoors is one of my favorite hobbies, see what I have discovered.

Endurance Sports

I push my body to its physical limits through running, triathlons, and pretty much anything else out there.

Lego Block

As a child I enjoyed playing with the iconic bricks, and despite now being an adult my Lego collection continues to grow.

* * * Map
Map of events from this website

A world map documenting where my exciting events have transpired

* * * Timeline
Timeline of events from this website

A nifty timeline showing when the memorable events of my life occurred

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Only generate anchor attributes if there is anchor text
Updated race numbers
Added link to future Winds trip
Added debug mode to webtools build
Changed mouse icon to pointer for svg links