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Wanderlust World Tour
World Map

Working is no fun, so why not take a sabbatical and travel the world for a few years?

Mountain Clip Art

Exploring the great outdoors is one of my favorite hobbies, see what I have discovered.

Endurance Sports

I push my body to its physical limits through running, triathlons, and pretty much anything else out there.

Lego Block

As a child I enjoyed playing with the iconic bricks, and despite now being an adult my Lego collection continues to grow.

* * * Map
Map of events from this website

A world map documenting where my exciting events have transpired

* * * Timeline
Timeline of events from this website

A nifty timeline showing when the memorable events of my life occurred

* * * Updates
Updated timeline
-Added stubs for GET/GDT/LT/IR/WRHR/Road Tripping
-Added new NPS passport stamps
Added redirects for urls with double slashes (//) in them
Improved display of multiple links in popups
Fixed typo