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Pacific Crest Trail: 2014 Northbound

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In the summer of 2014 I hiked the 2,600+ mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. This was my second long distance trail, after the CDT. I had a good time on the west coast, enjoying the deserts, forests, mountains, and glaciers in the wilderness. My trip went very smoothly, with good weather and no major hiccups or injuries. I merely had a nice summer of walking and camping every day.


My pictures from the PCT are mostly of me standing in front of park signs, but a few beautiful shots of mountains and forests thrown in for good measure.

My PCT Photo Gallery


I kept a dead tree journal throughout my hike but am not posting a trail journal. I enjoyed my time hiking, but a detailed account of my experience would not be interesting for anyone else, especially after the fact. Besides, my experiences were not all that unique, with a thousand other people on the trail, so read one of their journals. I did post my overall impressions and some major happenings from life on the trail though.


Finishing a thru hike is mostly a matter of desire and planning. While I cannot help you with motivation, I did share my method of resupplying on the PCT, only one of the endless number of ways to handle logistics on this hike.