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A marathon. Twenty-six point two miles between you and the finish line with only your legs and determination to close that gap. The ultimate test of the mind and running endurance (unless you count ultramarathons, in which I have also dabbled). Below is a list of all the marathon distance or longer races I have attempted. Click on their name for a complete recap.

Marathons in Which I Have Competed
June 18, 2005Grandma’s Marathon5:01:44
April 9, 2006Spirit of St. Louis3:23:16
June 17, 2006Grandma’s Marathon3:41:18
October 22, 2006Chicago Marathon3:00:06
April 21, 2007Desert RATS Trail Running Festival
(25 mile trail race)
September 9, 2007Ironman Wisconsin4:54:47
September 23, 2007Quad Cities Marathon3:45:31
February 9, 2008Psycho WyCo
(50K trail race)
April 21, 2008Boston Marathon3:00:03
May 25, 2008Madison Marathon3:12:32
August 22-23, 2008Ragnar Great River Relay
(205 mile, 12 person relay)
October 19, 2008Des Moines MarathonDNF
January 10, 2009Triple D
(22ish mile “race” through the snow)
August 30, 2009Ironman Canada6:26:00
January 9, 2010Triple D
(22ish mile “race” through packed snow)
May 8, 2010Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon3:03:26
May 14-16, 2010Relay Iowa
(338 mile, 6 person relay)
55 hours, 10 minutes
August 20-21, 2010Ragnar Great River Relay
(193 mile, 12 person relay)
October 10, 2010Whistle Stop Marathon2:58:03
January 16, 2011Triple D
(22ish mile “race” through packed snow)
April 10, 2011St. Louis Marathon3:31:34
August 28, 2011Ironman Louisville6:10:01
November 13, 2011Wildcat Den 50K5:19:56
March 17, 2012Hawkeye 50K4:47:31
May 20, 2012Rockford Marathon3:29:10