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African Safari

October 2013

Sandwiched between a summer backpacking across Europe and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I traveled to Africa for wildlife safari through Kenya and Tanzania, where I saw loads of animals doing amazing things.


Although African safaris are very popular for amateur photographers — and I only had a barely working point and shoot camera — you can still view my animal pictures (along with a few I stole from people with good cameras).


Route of African safari

General route of the safari through Kenya and Tanzania, starting from Nairobi and heading counter-clockwise


The overland truck that carried us around Kenya and Tanzania

I booked my tour through African Budget Safaris, which completely sounded like a scam website. They at least were not princes from Nigeria and as far as I could tell the company was legitimate. In the end my 10 Day East African Game Parks Safari (which was actually run by On the Go) went very well, and I had few complaints.

Being homeless and unemployed, luxury was not within my budget. I traveled in a large overland truck, slept in a tent at night, and did minor chores around camp. Still, the trip was handled professionally and was the best I ate in nearly a year.

The safari started in Nairobi, Kenya about a week after the Westgate Mall rampage. First we went to Lake Nakuru, home of the famous flamingos. A stop at Lake Naivasha to boat and walk amongst the animals was next. From there we went to Masai Mara, seeing the indigenous inhabitants as well as animals. A long two day circuitous drive led into Tanzania and the Serengeti, and finally to the endlessly diverse Ngorongoro Crater. The trip was wonderful, although lots of driving was involved, but the group was great and we saw some incredible animals.