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After running for most of my life, I decided at twenty-four that I should become a triathlete. Here is the account of some of my training and races.


A complete listing of the triathlons in which I have completed and my results are available on my triathlon race results page.

I have also done a couple longer writeup for races. They are not very entertaining, but might give you a few details about that course.

Triathlons I Have Raced and Rambled on About
June 4, 2006Pigman Sprint
August 19, 2006Pigman Long Course
September 10, 2006Ironman Wisconsin (Spectator)
September 9, 2007Ironman Wisconsin (Racer)
May 22 – 24, 2009Triple T
August 30, 2009Canada 2009
May 20 – 22, 2011Triple T
July 24, 2011Lake Placid 2011
August 28, 2011Louisville 2011


I do not really have any training advice to pass along, as I am a newbie and not a good coach regardless. I mainly just train hard and put in the hours. Some of the groups I train with occasionally in the Cedar Rapids area to try to improve:

And finally, my gear list of what I bring to races, although I would not recommend it as a guide.