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Pyrenees High Route (Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne)

July – August 2015
GR10 artwork in Banyuls Sur Mer at the end of the HRP

After having spent a summer being a tourist around Europe, I returned to the Continent this time to see more of its natural, rather the cultural, wonders. I started by hiking from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea along the France-Spain border, conquering the Pyrenees High Route (Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne).

Despite some very hot days in the beginning, quite a bit of thick fog — which was often accompanied by rain or lightning storms — and a minor slip and fall that dislocated my finger requiring a trip to a Spanish emergency room, I made it across the Iberian Peninsula to the beach on the other side. Probably my most demanding hike since the CDT.


Browse photos from my time walking the frontier, since I have not posted a full trip report yet.