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Alta Via 2

September 2015
Alta Via 2 Blaze

After having hiked the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne and the GR20 back to back, I took a short break in Florence, Italy, before heading back into the mountains to complete a trifecta of European hiking with the Alta Via 2 in the Dolomites. These Italian mountains were absolutely amazing, with soaring rock towers and grand vistas. I was awed everyday on the trail.

I also completed several Via Ferattas adjacent to the AV2 or as alternate routes. My climbs included Tridentina, Marmolada (although just over Forcela de la Marmolada and not to the summit), Ombretta, Canalone, and Marmol — which is actually at the end of the AV1 but I squeezed it in anyway as an epilogue to my trek. By climbing standards they were not that hard, and I relied on the metal a lot rather than just rock, but they pushed my limits a few times, especially with my full backpack. Still, a fun and thrilling addition to my hike.


Browse photos from my time walking through the mountains in northern Italy, since I have not posted a full trip report yet.