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An Attempt to Backpack the North Shore Trail in Minnesota


For a spring break trip, the Rose-Hulman OVC, planned a backpacking trip along the North Shore Trail in Minnesota. I had never been backpacking before, and it sounded like fun. I liked camping and the outdoors so I figured I would give it a try. After all, who wants to spend spring break somewhere warm and on a nice beach with women in bikinis?

The Plan

(Slight spoiler, things did not go exactly according to this plan)

Driving Directions

Our plan was to leave Saturday morning (the 19th) — classes let out on that Friday. We would then drive from Terre Haute, IN to Duluth, MN and spend the night in a hotel there. The next day (Easter), we would drive to the trailhead and backpack on it for the next week. On Sunday, we would then drive back to Terre Haute and be ready for classes to resume on that Monday.

The Trip

The following entries are from the days of the trip. I jotted down quick notes about each day within twenty-four hours, and then when I got back to civilization, I wrote them down in this expanded form. Read through to hear about my adventures.

Day 1: Driving North
Day 2: Hiking In
Day 3: Hiking Out (Already)
Day 4: Day 4
Day 5: Day 5
Day 6: Day 6