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Glacier Highline Trail

After hiking 2,650+ miles on the PCT I headed directly to Waterton Lakes to hike the CDT through Glacier National Park. Due to snow and bad weather the high route was impassable at the beginning of my CDT hike and wanted to experience the beauty of this trail. Even on the CDT’s low route I skipped some passes and needed to erase any asterisks from having completed a CDT thru hike. Thankfully I threaded the needle on weather, arriving to warm weather about a week after a snowstorm, but finishing before any winter snow stuck around for the season.


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September 2014

  • Sunday
  • Monday
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  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Arrive in Canada after finishing PCT thru hike
  • Kill day due to Greyhound stupidity
    • Bus/hitchhike
    • Hike CDT through
    Arrive Waterton Lake Park
  • Stoney Indian Pass
  • Ptarmigan Tunnel
    Arrive 1 a.m. in Chicago, 9 hours late