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Hiking Along Saint Mary Lake

Route I hiked this day

Route I hiked this day

Since my walk today was short and across flat terrain, I intentionally slept in and got my latest start yet — 10:30! I forded the creek next to my campsite again and for the third time walked along Saint Mary Lake — passing its namesake falls and Virginia Falls again. The walk along the lake was peaceful, with views of snowcapped mountains lining the water. In the burn area near the east end of the lake I elected to ford the low running Red Eagle Creek, rather than walk the two mile round trip to the bridge (which may not even have still been still in). I arrived at Red Eagle Lake earlier than I usually stopped on the PCT, despite my midmorning start — hurray for short days! Despite this easy, flat walk, I was still drained at the end of it. Accumulated fatigue and starvation, as well as running along the Highline Trail yesterday, trying in vain to get my passport stamp, all contributed to my weariness.

St. Mary Lake