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Trekking in Patagonia

January – March 2014
Myself in Ushuaia, “The End of the World”

Because of my short turn around between this vacation to Patagonia and my leaving to hike through the Grand Canyon and the entire PCT, I did not have a chance to post a full trip report from my first time in South America (it’s like America, but south).

All my pictures from this trip are available to peruse now though.

I visited many places in southern Chile and Argentina throughout my two and a half months there and did a lot of great trekking amongst forests, glaciers, and mountains. I also did some adrenaline activities as well as sightseeing. My main guide on where to go was Lonely Planet’s Trekking Patagonia. Places I went and treks I did included:

Maybe one day I will have a chance to post the details of this adventure (I have everything in a notebook), but I would not wait up for that to happen.