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Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island

We stopped at Crescent Island, a wildlife sanctuary on the shore of Lake Naivasha. There we could disembark the truck and walk amongst the animals, since no dangerous ones were present. We were able to walk within meters of giraffes, monkeys, wildebeests, waterbucks, gazelles, dik-diks, and impalas. Getting out of the vehicle and being closer to the animals was great. No more glass separating me from the animals or only following the roads. I could feel the ground on my feet and smell the trees. Crescent Island itself was beautiful too, with acacia trees, rolling hills, and great views of the lake as we wandered about the sanctuary.

Animals in the Crescent Island sanctuary

Acacia Tree

Hippo Tour

After camping along Lake Naivasha’s shoreline, we were up early in the morning to take a boat tour on the lake to look for hippos. Our guides took us along the water’s edge, first seeing and hearing many different types of birds. They also called an eagle towards our location and tossed out a fish. The bird soon swept down with its mighty talons and grabbed its dinner from the water right in front of us. Further on we eventually located hippos wadding in the water, with their noses and eyes barely above the surface. They would often dive underwater as we passed by, and bubbles percolated up from where they dove. We also spotted some adorable baby hippos on land amongst the plants.

On Lake Naivasha

Eagle going after a fish
Sun shining through the clouds over Lake Naivasha