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Road Trip USA 2017

My never say die Cavalier

As part of my seemingly never ending World Tour I went road tripping around the U.S.A. in 2017, covering nearly 18,000 miles in an aging and rusting small car. My main destinations were kayaking in the Florida Keys; and hiking the GET in the southwest, the GDT through the Canadian Rockies, and the Long Trail through New England foliage. While covering the miles in between or waiting for the seasons to change, I explored the places and spaces around me. I mostly did touristy things in the front country of national parks, but also undertook some small backpacking and kayaking trips.

Browse all my pictures from around the U.S.A., until I get a full trip report posted.

Approximate route I drove around the U.S.A.

A partial list of the “minor” stops along the way: