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Wind River High Route Hike Trip

August 30 – September 5, 2017
“Wind River” sign

After experiencing the beauty of The Winds while hiking the CDT, I knew I had to come back. Five years later I finally did, exploring Skurka’s Wind River High Route. Although in great shape from having just hiked the GDT, the WRHR was extremely challenging, with almost no trail, constant climbing and loose rocks all over. All the effort was greatly rewarded though, as mile for mile this route contained the most amount of beauty and wonder I had ever experienced — even with hazy skies the last couple days due to fires in the area. This most difficult route is certainly not for everyone, but I was absolutely amazed and awed. The Winds are definitely somewhere I will have to return to yet once again.

Browse all my pictures from my backpacking trip, until I get a full trip report posted.

Wildflowers along Lee Lake
View from Photo Pass