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Day 7 — Away from the Mountains

Our North Dakota hosts

Mr. and Mrs. Bauer, our very generous hosts for 2 nights

We awoke the next morning at Mount Olive church and had morning devotions in their sanctuary. We left there though by 9 a.m. We were not in a big hurry to get to Dickinson since we did not need to be there till evening, and it was not that far of a drive considering our time window. The drive from Billings into North Dakota was pretty uneventful. I was riding in the back of the van driven by Garrett since Brian was not coming back to Minneapolis. We stopped in a town near the Theodore Roosevelt National Park for some ice cream. Upon arriving in Dickinson we headed back to the Bauer’s house. We told them a couple of stories from our trip and how much fun it was. We headed out for dinner pretty quickly though since we were hungry. We ate at a hopping restaurant in this exciting town. After paying my bill, I realized that I only had fourteen cents left in my wallet. We still had the next day to travel, but I was pretty sure I could get away without buying a meal or otherwise spending money. I think I cut it a little close on money and probably should be a little more careful in the future (but I will not be).

After our supper we went back the Bauer’s house and sat on their porch talking. Rev. Wierschke left the group at this point, as he was going to visit some of his friends in the North Dakota area before he headed home. We recounted our adventures, and I heard about some of the many past trips on which ULC has partaken. We talked for quite a while about topics ranging from farming to the current state of the Church. It was nice to just be able to relax on a porch on a warm night and talk about anything and everything. Eventually though, the activities of the past week caught up with us, and we headed for bed. I got to sleep on a nice comfortable bed in one of their extra bedrooms. As much as I love the outdoors, it sure was nice to have a mattress to sleep on.