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Sunday, June 25 — Divine Service, Dining, and Driving

That morning I made the short commute to Minneapolis in time to attended Divine Service at University Lutheran Chapel, which I went to during an internship in Minneapolis. I spotted a couple of familiar faces and heard what happened to other people I knew. The pastor delivered a solid sermon about the importance of a strong confession, to which that church blessedly still held firm.

Being in the neighborhood, I had to detour to the Lego Store in Mall of America. I resisted my urges and did not buy any toys. It is actually beneficial for my financial future that a Lego Store does not reside closer to my house, or I would blow more money on Lego bricks than I already do.

After dry, limited food throughout the Boundary Waters, I replenished a good chunk of calories at Old Country Buffet. Although I was hungry, an unlimited buffet was an unwise place for me to eat, since I tried to get my money’s worth, and consumed more food than was proper. My gluttonous behavior was punished by the server’s accusatory manner. She repeatedly gave me an evil eye because I did not retain my receipt correctly, and she thought I snuck inside the restaurant without paying, which I of course did not.

With my stomach overloaded with food, I drove the last leg through endless farm fields back to Cedar Rapids. The trip back to The City of Five Smells dragged on endlessly, but I ultimately arrived home and dumped all my dirty, used gear in a big pile in my living room. I would have to deal with the foul pile, but not that night. I was exhausted and had work the next day anyway.