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Thursday, June 15 — All Aboard, First Stop Minneapolis

Although I was eagerly looking forward to my Boundary Waters trip, I had belayed any serious packing until the night before my departure. I burned the midnight oil organizing everything needed for my vacation, and before I even left I was already betting on what was forgotten in the last minute rush.

The next day I wanted to arrive in Minneapolis at a reasonable hour to meet my freshman year RA, so I skipped out from work a little after lunch for another uneventful drive to the cities. I only made one wrong turn in the rush hour traffic trying to find his apartment. To rectify this incorrect maneuver, I resurrected some of my rusty city driving skills and eloquently blocked one lane of traffic while forcing myself into another in a quasi-legal act of driving.

I found my RA’s residence without further difficulties, and we recounted what had transpired since our paths diverged after his graduation from Rose-Hulman. I was not the greatest conversationalist in the world, but it was still a little depressing as to how quickly I could recollect the years that had past. He had recently lost his bachelorhood, and his new wife arrived home later that evening after tossing a disc playing Ultimate Frisbee. Following dinner and more reminiscing, we turned in for the night.