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Day 1 — Merry Christmas

One of the restrictions on my overly complex complimentary plane ticket was a requirement for a Saturday night stay over. As a result of this rule, I was forced to travel on Christmas to be able to use my ticket. Luckily though, I found a flight late enough where I could still celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior with my family and relatives before running off to California. (Plus I got the okay from my maternal parental unit before reserving my spot on the plane). The flight itself was uneventful, and the only trouble I encountered at the airport was a couple hour delay due to Chicago’s icy weather. This setback did not bother me too much though because I saw it as a kind of poetic justice as I would be leaving this winter ice storm for a week of backpacking in (allegedly) sunny Southern California. (Note to self: Don’t get cocky about the weather again.)

I stayed at a hotel near the airport which definitely would not get any stars, but no rats ran underneath my bed, and I felt safe there (although perhaps unjustifiably so). Then again, I didn’t expect much for $50 in L.A.

I prepared my pack for the next day so that I could head out at first light and then went to bed, not expecting to sleep in another one for a week.