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Monday — A Dam Day of Traveling

In Grand Coulee, I consumed a large stack of pancakes at a mom and pop joint (unfortunately the casino across the street did not offer a buffet), and perused informational signs on the Highway 155 Bridge describing the dam before its visitor center even opened.

Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam

Later when the Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center unlocked its door, I found very informative and well created displays on the construction and impact of the large concrete structure, as well as other conflicting land use issues in the northwest. Unfortunately the tour of the power plant started too late to be able to comfortably catch my flight in Spokane (having too much excitement racing to the airport on my way out already). Besides, even skipping the tour, I still used every second on my rental car’s grace period to avoid penalty charges. But at the airport with everything in place, I had a long afternoon and evening sitting around terminals, rereading the same crappy issue of SkyMall enough times to be considered torture. I finally arrived back in Cedar Rapids late that night, only to return to work the next morning.