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GPS Lego Car

For my final project in my micro computers, my partner and I decided to create a car built from Lego bricks which would communicate with a commercial GPS device in order to navigate. Although this project had a lot more to do with embedded systems than building with Lego bricks, I include it here anyway because I really liked the project. The following is the relevant sections of our final report and some pictures of our creation. Since I doubt anyone will actually look at the boring report, I will just tell you that the project did not quite work as we wanted because the electronics interfered with the GPS receiving a signal. We tried to make shielding with tinfoil (which would also keep Major League Baseball away) but that did not work. The car would maneuver correctly, however, if we walked along side it and held the GPS receiver a couple feet from the car.

Pictures of the Car

Prototype of the Car
Outputting GPS coordinates to the LCD
Final version of our car (complete with tinfoil)
Profile of the car