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Virtual Lego Blocks

One time when I when I too much free time on my hands, I started investigating LeoCAD and modeling some of the Lego sets I owned. I do not use LeoCAD anymore to model sets which already exist since that is kind of pointless, but it is still useful for prototyping new designs with a limited palette of physical Lego blocks.


10020 - Santa Fe Super Chief1682 - Space Shuttle
10020 - Santa Fe Super Chief LeoCAD: 10020.lcd
POV-Ray: 10020.pov
Problems: Wrong windows
1682 - Space ShuttleInstructions
LeoCAD: 1682.lcd
POV-Ray: 1682.pov
Problems: Main fuel tank is wrong
6335 - Indy Racers6350 - Pizza To Go
6335 - Indy RacersInstructions
LeoCAD: 6335.lcd
POV-Ray: 6335.pov
6350 - Pizza To GoInstructions
LeoCAD: 6350.lcd
POV-Ray: 6350.pov
6389 - Fire Control Center6397 - Gas N’ Wash Express
6389 - Fire Control CenterInstructions
LeoCAD: 6389.lcd
POV-Ray: 6389.pov
6397 - Gas N’ Wash ExpressInstructions
LeoCAD: 6397.lcd
POV-Ray: 6397.pov
6542 - Launch & Load Seaport6546 - Slick Racer 4
6542 - Launch & Load SeaportInstructions
LeoCAD: 6542.lcd
POV-Ray: 6542.pov
6546 - Slick Racer 4Instructions
LeoCAD: 6546.lcd
POV-Ray: 6546.pov
6593 - Blaze Battler6594 - Gas Transit
6593 - Blaze BattlerInstructions
LeoCAD: 6593.lcd
POV-Ray: 6593.pov
6594 - Gas TransitInstructions
LeoCAD: 6594.lcd
POV-Ray: 6594.pov
6597 - Century Skyway6649 - Street Sweeper
6597 - Century SkywayInstructions
LeoCAD: 6597.lcd
POV-Ray: 6597.pov
Problems: Wrong Base plates
6649 - Street SweeperInstructions
LeoCAD: 6649.lcd
POV-Ray: 6649.pov
Problems: Brushes ray trace poorly
6670 - Rescue Rig
6670 - Rescue RigInstructions
LeoCAD: 6670.lcd
POV-Ray: 6670.pov
Problems: No hook for back