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Dec. 25 — What Day is it? It’s Christmas Day!

I awoke Christmas morning for a very curvy and hilly bus ride from Nelson to Picton. Here I would bid the south island ado via ferry. Due to bus connections though, I could not catch the boat until the next morning and spent the day in Picton. This town normally had interesting attractions, but on Christmas Day the only stores open were gas stations. I lounged around my hostel, which had provided a little Christmas food, and did some much needed laundry.

The bay at Picton

I was not about to spend the whole day inside though and tried several of Picton’s day walks. I wandered along the Snout Peninsula and stopped at Bob’s Bay, where locals had taken a Christmas Day picnic. After dipping my feet in the cold water I continued to the end of South Peninsula. Most of the walk was quite warm, but as I reached its conclusion a cool breeze off the sound brought a chill. I spent some time there watching ships sail in on Christmas day before walking back to town with a British woman who hiked the track as well.