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April 19 — Leaving on Jet Plane

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Although I intentionally booked my flight later in the morning to avoid starting the day at an ungodly hour, my ride to the airport coincided with a fellow Boston bound runner who had unfortunately reserved a seat on one of the first planes. So despite my best efforts, I still awoke even before my normal very early oh-dark-thirty alarm for predawn swim practice. On my otherwise uneventful flight to Boston, quite a few other marathoners obviously shared the plane — the plethora of running shirts, discussions of past marathons, or scrawny running bodies blew their cover. After arriving in Boston, I more or less solved the T’s labyrinth of schedules and routes to find my hotel. There I met my aunt and uncle who had driven down from Maine for the race, and later my mom, who had also come to cheer for me. After visiting for a while, we grew hungry and ate a great meal (including deserts…mmm) at an authentic Italian restaurant, before calling it a day.