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My Walk Around The Prom (Wilsons Promontory)

December 16 – 18, 2014
Route I Walked58 km

Route I Walked
58 km

For my first overnight bush walk in Australia I undertook an easy 58km stroll through the southern reaches of The Prom. My circuit started from Tidal River and looped past Little Oberon Bay, down to South Point, around to Little Waterloo Bay, up to Sealers Cover, and back through Telegraph Saddle. The route crossed some beautiful beaches and paralleled nice coastlines. There were long stretches of white sand next to crystal clear water. These oases were joined together by strolls through coastal forests. The entire track was well formed and easy to follow.

Although reaching the furthest point south on mainland Australia was not on my bucket list, since I was so close by at Roaring Meg I took the hour side trip to South Point. The raw, windswept peninsula was striking, but other than its unique geographic designation, not that unremarkable from other coastline in the park.

Near the end of my walk I climbed Mt. Oberon, which although topped with many cell phone towers still provided commanding views of the entire peninsula and its various pristine beaches.

View of Norman Bay from Mt Oberon
Waterloo Bay