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Freycinet Peninsula Circuit

December 23 – 24, 2014
Route I Walked30 km

Route I Walked
30 km

Before heading into Tassie’s more remote regions, I bush walked around the picturesque beaches of Freycinet National Park, tackling the Peninsula Circuit.

The walk was straight forward, with good track and ample signage. The western part of the circuit was flat too, mostly going from beach to beach. The hike was very enjoyable, traversing several long, pristine white sand beaches, as well as coastal forest. The return section climbed several hundred meters up into mountains, which provided commanding views of most of the peninsula. Wineglass Bay’s beauty lived up to its reputation, and at its far end the tourist throngs even thinned considerably. Overall a nice stroll along some great sand.

Near the trailhead was another track that went up Mt. Amos. This return trek was more of an undertaking than I expected. Although not technical, the path still climbed steep, slippery granite on its way to the summit. No easy switchbacks here. I arrived at the apex just before clouds rolled in, and thus enjoyed the view over the peninsula’s narrow neck and out to sea.

Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay as seen from the top of Mt. Amos