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Day 1 — “I Rush and Rush Until Life’s no Fun”

The Night Before

I needed to get an early start kayaking, so rather than leaving Minneapolis at four in the morning, I decided to camp in Bayfield the night before. After checking out the Minnesota State Fair, I bought the food I would need, and started driving towards Wisconsin. The trip itself was very uneventful. About the only thing I noticed was the stupid way Wisconsin builds two lane roads. Many roads wisely expand to include truck lanes when they travel up steep grades. Wisconsin (or at least Route 2) seemed to have truck lanes at arbitrary distances. This meant that many times there were a pair of lanes when that direction was actually going downhill. More reasons why no one accuses the government of being efficient.

I arrived in Bayfield after about four hours of driving and found my campground without any troubles. It was a purely self-register campground. The campground though, wanted $15 a night for camping. Of course, I was just a tenter needing a primitive site and would be there a total of like twelve hours, but they did not seem to have any price breaks for primitive sites. So I reluctantly shelled up the money and stuck it in the drop box.

I set up my tent and headed pretty much straight to bed. I was awoken around midnight though by a large storm. Lightning was cracking all around me and rain was pouring down. The worst part about this was that I had not invested in a drop tarp for my tent yet. This meant that I could actually feel the water flowing underneath my tent. My tent held its own though and nothing inside really got wet, leaving me relieved for my kayaking the next morning.