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July 29 — Finishing the Fish Creek Loop

Route I paddled this day

Route I paddled this day

I started early again in order to complete a loop around Fish Creek and still have time to check on my insurance claim. The portage to and from Middle Pond went quickly, and I soon found myself on Floodwood Pond. At its end I was happily surprised to discover the stretch to Rollins Pond was passable and did not need a portage. I fought the current and walked my boat for a short stretch, but that was much easier than carrying. The small creek, even if it was short, was also a nice change from the relatively large water I had been on.

The public campground abutted Rollins Pond and quite a few large boats were moored along the shore of the comparatively small lake. The portage to Whey Pond was short and had a payphone (no change in my insurance claim), but more importantly also had flush toilets.

Lilies on the water

I found myself on Copperas Pond, which connected to Fish Creek without a carry. For once the current helped me here. Although the only way I could determine the water direction was by the bend of underwater plants. The flow was too slight to feel or see the water move.

I skipped the portage to Fallensby Clear Pond and took the entirely wet route back to my car instead. The canoe carry could make sense though, as on Fish Creek Pond many power boats played with inner tubes, creating wake. It was not large by the time it reached me, but still rocked my boat. I finished the loop and got back to my car, just a day after leaving.

Car Camping

View from inside my canoe

View from inside my canoe

Just as I was making my last strokes in Fish Creek it started to rain, which continued throughout the afternoon. This weather dampened (pun intended) my desire to canoe more. I already started one trip in the rain this vacation which was my limit. To stay dry I drove to Lake Kushaqua and used one of the car-accessible primitive sites. I played on that lake some between raindrops, but my arms were tired from my prior paddling, and I just enjoyed floating on the water.

It looked like another cloudy night, so I would not get to enjoy a starlight paddle this trip. I fiddled with a campfire to pass the darkness, but as expected, despite copious paper and fire starter, the green, damp wood did not want to ignite.

In the ever involving insurance soap opera, my car was declared totaled, but I still had to wait for some final numbers from them.