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August 6 — Riding Roller Coasters

I squeezed in a morning run along Lake Eerie before arriving at Cedar Point for adrenaline filled excitement. Roller coasters are a lot of fun, and Cedar Point was one of the highest concentrations of the best roller coasters. I really enjoyed myself and rode every coaster at least once. I did not think the park was overly crowded , and the longest I waited was an hour, which was reasonable for a Saturday. For some of the older, less popular roller coasters, I walked the entire way to the platform and sat right in the train. After the ride finished I could run around and ride it again within a few minutes. These were enjoyable coasters too, just not the latest ones.

The non-coaster rides were fun too. Multiple attractions swung patrons over a hundred feet in the air, and pointed you straight down at the concrete below. It was about the closest I could get to free flight. I had a great day at the park, enjoying it from before open to until an hour before close, when a rainstorm shutdown the rides.

From Cedar Point I had another long, dark drive west. I was not sure if I would make it back to my mom’s house near Chicago that night, but I reached in the wee hours of the next morning, the draw of a real bed holding much sway. The surprise on my mom’s face when she woke the next morning and saw a car in the driveway that was not mine would be worth it as well.

August 7 — The Rest of the Way Home

After visiting with my mom and friends, recounting my trip and experiences, I made the final jaunt back to Iowa. I had to start looking through car dealers’ lots that night but was still not quite ready to return to the real work and work.