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About Me

Hmm…a little about me. I am a homeless, unemployed computer programmer currently on sabbatical traveling the world. As part of a more normal life, I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where I majored in computer science. From there I worked several years for defense contractor before saving enough money and deciding take a stab at the traveling lifestyle.

I believe in the triune God, and I am a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod because I agree with their interpretation of scripture. Since I am a vagabond, I pop into various churches whenever the opportunity arises, although being able to return to a home congregation is something I look forward to after my travels.

Myself in the woods

Picture of me hiking

As a consequence of my world travels, I am on hiatus from being an endurance athlete (although does hiking thousands of miles still count?). I expect to return to being at least a distance runner and probably a triathlete when my tour ends. My bug for running started during cross country and track in high school and middle school. I am not spectacularly fast, but I keep at it anyway.

As should be obvious from my traveling, I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, and any other crazy outdoor adventure of which I can think.

My Lego bricks were one of the few possessions I saved before heading out into the world, as I spent too much time and money either building my own cities, life-sized Lego costumes, or helping children build robots.

In case you somehow did not notice, I also really like the “dogs playing poker” paintings. My unhealthy obsession had led to the creation of a website dedicated to them.